Safety tips for canoeing – basic guidance

Canoeing offers a variety of different options, ranging from experiencing an idyllic landscape scenery in the quiet driving of small rivers and lakes to real adventures in whitewater or sea kayaking. Basically, canoeing does not require the mastery of the boat from a technical point of view and a respectful treatment of nature, but also requires the strict compliance with some essential rules especially for canoeist safety. Continue reading “Safety tips for canoeing – basic guidance”

Skimboarding Trend – Good News From Watersport

A few years ago, skateboards began their triumphal procession and today they are almost indispensable as sports equipment and partly as means of transport. In most larger towns, there are ramps and surfaces where you can skate to your heart’s content and train new jumps and tricks. However, if you are looking for an alternative or a little variety, would like to combine skating with water sports or do not want to miss skating on holiday, will find the skimboarding possibly an interesting solution. Continue reading “Skimboarding Trend – Good News From Watersport”

paddling canoe benefits your health

Canoeing is praised as a very healthy sport. The upper body is also as effective as the stamina and the movement protects the joints. With every type of canoeing, the rotational movement while paddling strengthens the upper muscles. canoeing is a good sport for when someone wants to move his upper body or stabilize his back with a high experience factor. The movement is not static but dynamic. Continue reading “paddling canoe benefits your health”

SUP (Stand Up Paddling) – an ideal sport for all

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is easy to learn, after a short introduction you can already stand on the board and paddle the first tracks. More detailed paddling techniques and various turning maneuvers can be learned bit by bit. In contrast to very technical-heavy sports such as tennis, snowboarding, and skateboarding, you can start right away and have fun. Continue reading “SUP (Stand Up Paddling) – an ideal sport for all”

Stand Up Paddling – Watersport Evolves

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is quite similar to surfing, like surfing on the surfboard, but paddling is not done while lying down with your hands, but standing up with a piercing paddle.

this sport is different from the surf even though both use the board as the main equipment. surfing rely on strong winds and big waves, while the SUP is just the opposite. Continue reading “Stand Up Paddling – Watersport Evolves”

Industry Reap The Benefits Of Water Sports

The watersports industry is growing steadily. Be it long-distance stand-up paddling, kitesurfing or the more leisurely boogie board: the fact is, the customer, whether beginner or advanced, prefers water to solid ground more often. For this reason, functional fabrics for this industry have been promoted and brands for swimwear showed an increased interest in the development of sporty inspired collections. Continue reading “Industry Reap The Benefits Of Water Sports”

Fishing As A Modern Recreational Sport

Fishing activities have grown from what used to be a traditional collecting food effort, turns into a commercial activity for profit, has now become part of a recreational activity known as sportfishing. This enhancement gave a great impact on world economy. Being considered as an opportunity comes from a relatively high demand for tools, types of equipment, apparels, and tour services bringing also a huge enhancement in fisheries technology. Continue reading “Fishing As A Modern Recreational Sport”