Skimboarding – Good News From Watersport

skimboarding trend in watersport

A few years ago, skateboards began their triumphal procession. Today they are almost indispensable as sports equipment and partly as means of transport. In most larger towns, there are ramps and surfaces where you can skate and train new jumps and tricks. However, if you are looking for an alternative or a little variety, you can combine skating with water sports. If you do not want to miss skating on holiday, skimboarding possibly an interesting solution. Continue reading “Skimboarding – Good News From Watersport”

Stand Up Paddling – Watersport Evolves

stand up paddling

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is quite similar to surfing. Standing like when surfing on the surfboard, but we do not paddle with hands while lying down. In SUP, one do paddling, but by standing up with a piercing paddle.

This sport is different from the surf even though both use the board as the main equipment. Surfing relies on strong winds and big waves, while the SUP is just the opposite. Continue reading “Stand Up Paddling – Watersport Evolves”