Industry Reap The Benefits Of Water Sports

watersports industry

The watersports industry is growing steadily. It is moving from swimming to stand-up paddling, kitesurfing or the more leisurely boogie board. The fact is, the customer, whether beginner or advanced, prefers water to solid ground more often. For this reason, the industry is promoting functional fabrics. Brands for swimwear showing a rising interest in the development of sporty-inspired collections. Continue reading “Industry Reap The Benefits Of Water Sports”

Climbing – Fun And Healhty Way Of Living

climbing fun and healthy

Climbing is booming, even in the hall. For the health, going up to the heights has immense benefits. The myth of the icy cliff, which generates awe among mountaineers, floats at best like a breeze through this large area on the Lower Rhine. There the flat alpinist can climb his private Eiger, his Great Pinnacle or his Matterhorn. There is no fear because the ceiling of the hall is at most 13 meters high. Continue reading “Climbing – Fun And Healhty Way Of Living”

Skiing for the sake of your body and mind

skiing for the sake of your health

Skiing not only exercises your muscles and increases endurance, but also good for the health of the mind. It starts with the excitement felt by the skiers as they find the first peak in the distance. In addition, higher activity acts as a healing of the freshness of body cells. This healing process takes effect as the body there increases blood formation. Continue reading “Skiing for the sake of your body and mind”