Best Spring Solo Traveler Destinations

Finally, it gets warmer again! Above all, the south of Europe offers all sunbathers dreamlike conditions for a premature summer vacation. The mostly mild and dry climate is ideal for hiking holidays and city trips. I have put together the most beautiful destinations for these seasons here. Here I present you the best spring solo traveler destinations.


Best Spring Solo Traveler Destinations in April
Spring is starting and it is getting warmer. You have 2 options: Take a break from the heat or use the mild temperatures for a city break. Let’s go to the Greek islands.

In April, the popular Greek islands such as Crete, Corfu or even Rhodes have not been overrun by tourists. If you want to enjoy the Greek culture rather undisturbed and pleasant 20 ° C, then you should fly in April to Greece. The prices are still really good at this time of the year.

Another best spring travel destination is city trip in Barcelona. As long as the sun is not too strong for Spain, you should use the time for a great short trip to Barcelona. April is the perfect month for city breaks, as it’s usually too cold for a beach vacation, but the temperatures are great if you want to explore a city. Barcelona is worth a short trip, as the city has a lot to offer, from culture, good food to a huge football stadium.


Best Spring Solo Traveler Destinations in May
May has arrived and spring fever is in high season. If you want to travel in spring, you have 2 options: pure nature or city of love. What to do and where to go?

When the snow in the Alps has slowly melted, it’s time to pack your hiking boots and drive off to the Alps. Towards the end of May, the hiking season starts in the mountains and those who prefer to spend the spring in nature should book their active holiday early. And all those who think “hiking? How dull! “, It should test. Hiking in the Alps is really impressive and requires a lot of fitness.

Off to Paris, the city of love. In keeping with the spring feelings, you can take your loved one or your loved ones to the city of love – Paris. Everyone should have been in Paris because the city has so many attractions. Starting with the classics Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Montmartre, Champs-Élysées beautiful gardens and parks to impressive shopping streets – in Paris you will not be bored. Take a look at our Paris offers.


Best Spring Solo Traveler Destinations in June
In June, the summer holidays begin in the first federal states. If you want to travel during this time has 2 options: off to the beach or go to Scandinavia countries.

Turkey has an average of 27 degrees in June. Those are the perfect temperatures to lay down on the beach and swim in the sun. In addition to beach holidays you can of course also visit a few cultural attractions. Here are some great tips for your holiday on the Turkish Riviera.

From Turkey, we can move to Sweden. In June, the Scandinavian countries hardly get dark at night, this time is called the “White Nights”. Sweden has an average of 20 degrees in June, which is very warm. If you travel around June 21, then you can attend one of the many midsummer celebrations. Here the whole night is danced around a decorated tree.

Packed up guys, spring blossoms are out there waiting for us. When you get home, please, do share your best spring solo traveler destinations here…


#Photo by Jason Charles Hill on Unsplash

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