Solo Traveler Best Holiday Homes (Part 1)

What is one of the favorite place to spend the time of singles on weekends? Exactly, they are going out. Whether cozy with friends in the local restaurant or to celebrate in the nearest club. Is there any solo traveler best holiday homes? Here we give you some brief review on five places of solo traveler best holiday homes. Another five will come soon in our next post.
Sometimes, however, the point is a little variety. Always the same faces, the same places, and the same city can be quite monotonous in the long term. In short: a vacation must come! But what to do if the best friend is already planned for a couple’s holiday and you feel a bit too old for a holiday with your parents? We present you the top five holiday homes, which are particularly popular with single travelers.

After all, who says that you cannot take home a great holiday experience and perhaps even a few new acquaintances as a single?


At the latest since Woody Allen’s film “Vicky Christina Barcelona” is the beautiful capital of Catalonia on everyone’s lips. As a tourist destination, the city with the special flair of singles is extremely popular. In the center there are many pubs and bars where you can meet new people; A few meters further on the beach, live music and delicious cocktails sparkle with pure joie de vivre.

For those interested in culture, there are guided tours of the city and a visit to the impressive Gaudi architecture. Here you are always in groups on the road and so quickly connects to other travelers. Surely Barcelona gets into the solo traveler best holiday homes list.


Koh Samui
The third largest island of Thailand is the declared dream island of the dance party. Many tourists from all over the world. And since there is always something going on here, it should not be missing from our list. The scenery itself would be unique and worth more than a trip: white sandy beaches, lush coconut palms, turquoise blue sea, bathing temperatures throughout the year.

In the dazzling nightlife of Koh Samui, you can quickly get to know new people and other singles, because the island is also very popular with backpackers and individual tourists. The famous Chaweng Beach offers everything the heart of a traveler desires – from the uncomplicated beach restaurant to the exclusive cocktail bar.


It is not only the largest island of the Balearic group but also the best known. If you want to party in your holiday, this is the place for you. The exuberant and relaxed mood on the island is ideal for singles. It is celebrated, danced and laughed until the early morning hours.

You can easily find some new contacts, whether in the afternoon on the beach or in the evening on the famous Palma Nightclubs. Mallorca, however, has more to offer. Singles who enjoy being outdoors are retreating to the quieter part of the island, while those who are more relaxed find refuge in one of the many spa hotels.


You can also party properly on the Aegean coast. Although Bodrum is not as well-known as the legendary party venues Mallorca or St.Tropez, it can still be a very good holiday here as a single. At nightfall, the city only really comes to life, celebrated on every corner. Mandatory visit for all tourists: Halikarnas, the biggest night disco club. Here is one of the largest dance floors under the open sky.

Bodrum is not only popular with night owls. Sailors appreciate the close proximity to Gokova Gulf, one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean.


Ibiza is the queen of all party islands. The days are short here, the nights are longer. Celebrated and danced almost everywhere. Whether on the beach, in the streets or in one of the many clubs. On the Spanish party island is also supposedly the largest disco in the world. In the legendary “Privilege” up to 10,000 people dance on different dance floors and in the open air in summer.

Every year the most popular DJs in the world meet here. A real insider tip, however, is the small bar Lo Cura in the old town. It can happen that one or the other star DJ plays a spontaneous set.

So, have you reckoned why Ibiza gets into the solo traveler best holiday homes list?


#Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash


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