Solo Traveler Best Destination Countries (Part 2)

We’ve been talking about the solo traveler best destination countries on the previous post. Are that all? NO, we still have more countries on the list for solo traveler best destination. This section still talks about the same list. As we remember, there are 10 countries on the previous list. Here we give 10 more for you.

We’ve had a brief review of the previous 10 solo traveler best destination countries.  What are the other 10 solo traveler best destination countries?

11th place: Germany
Germany is considered one of the friendliest countries in Europe. This may not always attract the attention of the locals – but their own country is one of the most popular destinations every year. Wander through Munich’s beer gardens, explore the pub and museum scene in Berlin, or let yourself drift along the Rhine promenade in Düsseldorf. There is enough to do, anyway.

12th place: Argentina
Holidays in Argentina – a tango course is a must – especially as a single. The best part of tango is, “it takes two to tango”. So, you’ll never be alone. that’s why we put Argentina on the solo traveler best destination countries list.

13th place: Canada
Canada is the second largest country in the world and has much to offer. As a single, you should focus on the cities, because in the large national parks, it can get lonely. Vancouver or Montreal, on the other hand, offers a lively cultural program nestled in the typical Canadian countryside and especially the Asian restaurants here are a must on any list.

14th place: Finland
It is best to visit Finland in the summer because the temperatures are pleasantly mild. Of course, a visit to one of the many saunas is simply part of it.

15th place: Laos
The small country of Laos has managed to maintain its original charm despite the major travel trend towards Southeast Asia. That alone is one reason for a trip. A special experience is also a trip on the Mekong.

16th place: Panama
For many, Central America still falls into the category of adventure holidays, but in fact, the countries have meanwhile become strong. Besides Costa Rica, Panama is also a destination for solo travelers. The Bocas del Torro archipelago, for example, offers Caribbean beauty – and an exciting nightlife.

17th place: Netherlands
The Dutch are considered very relaxed and open-hearted. For tourists this is optimal. It is best to explore the capital Amsterdam by bike and by boat.

18th place: Ireland
Drinking a beer in the pub with the locals, wandering through the lush Irish countryside or exploring one of the many ancient ruins – Ireland’s mystical atmosphere and warm-hearted people make it an ideal destination for solo travelers.

19th place: Iceland
Iceland is considered the safest country in the world, but at the same time, people are very dissatisfied because of high taxes and long winters. The visitor does not have to disturb that. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and there is a lot to do in the capital Reykjavik.

20th place: England
Anyone who does not have a hard time with the English language is in good hands in England as a single traveler. London, Cambridge or York – in the cities there is much to see from modern museums to historic buildings – and a drive with the car through the English countryside is definitely worthwhile


Ok. There are the other 10 solo traveler best destination countries. Wish I had more time to give you more detailed review on those countries. Let’s share your choice in the comment box while waiting for my next post…


#Photo by William Rouse on Unsplash

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