Solo Traveler Best Destination Countries (Part 1)

To travel alone means to do everything and to be able to do what you want and meet new people. But many are also worried about their safety and wonder if they will really connect. For this reasons, here is a list of which we think are the solo traveler best destination countries. We did not make a specific ranking on the country here. So, the first country to mention is not necessarily the best. What are they?

We mainly use four indicators to decide what country to put in the solo traveler best destination countries list. The first indicator is which states are statistically safest. The second is which shows which countries have a high level of satisfaction and a high life expectancy. A positive ecological balance of the inhabitants is also an indicator here.

We’ll show you which countries are best for single travel briefly. We will add more review about these countries later.

1st place: New Zealand
Although New Zealand is at the bottom of the world, it has been known since the films for Lord of the Rings for its wonderful landscape. In addition, some of the most open-hearted people in the world live here – for single travelers this is perfect.

2nd place: Indonesia
Granted, not every one of Indonesia’s numerous islands is suitable for a trip. A trip to Java or Bali but is ideal for solo. Bali is a well-known surfers paradise, is a party oasis and offers at the same time quiet beaches and temples. Java, on the other hand, has a wealth of cultural attractions with cities like Yogyakarta – and Indonesians are very open and friendly. Surely, Indonesia is one of the solo traveler best destination countries.

3rd place: Japan
Modern Tokyo or historic Kyoto – Japanese culture fascinates vacationers from all over the world. Meditate in a Zen monastery or simply sit down at the bar in a sushi bar and enjoy the delicacies.

4th place: Costa Rica
Costa Rica is the luckiest country in the world. For solo travelers, there are many options here: jungle treks, water sports, yoga or simply relaxing on the beach – all this is possible in Costa Rica.

5th place: Austria
The city of Vienna is one of the easiest to travel cities for single travelers. From the numerous restaurants and bars to the many magnificent buildings, you can experience everything here. A visit is also worthwhile in Salzburg. This is smaller, but also open to visitors. No wonder Austria is on these solo traveler best destination countries list.

6th place: Vietnam
The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is known for its dramatic history, but also for its enchanting landscape.

7th place: Chile
The Chileans are generally considered to be a very open-minded and open-hearted people. In addition, the country itself is extremely varied. From the Atacama Desert, over the Andes, to the seemingly endless coastline.

8th place: Switzerland
Switzerland is easy to travel and offers single tourists lots of options either to go hiking on their own or to explore the many cultural offerings in one of the cities.

9th place: Sweden
Sweden is also ideal for single travelers: sit by the water, let your gaze wander into the distance, rent a bicycle and explore the city. In one of the numerous outdoor cafes there is something to strengthen – and then maybe in one of the many museums.

10th place: Norway
Solo travelers can explore Norway on a steamer along the Hurtigruten. I think this is enough to make Norway as one of the solo traveler best destination countries.


Have you decided where to go? Or have you been there before? Let’s share your trip to any of these solo traveler best destination countries list in the comment box. While waiting for that, I’ll prepare my next post.


#Photo by Sebastian Steines on Unsplash

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