Great Outdoor Photos – Basic Photography Tips

After spending some time on the way and arrive at the destination, beautiful landscapes stretching wide in front of your eyes. This is the place you always dreaming on. One of the favorite places with friends in your adventure group. It is very natural if you then want to record all the moment and beautiful scenery when you are on location. The next step is to take the camera that you carry to make great outdoor photos. Of course, you also use the smartphone to record every corner of that location.

Time has been over, now you have to go home. Once at home, you transfer all the photos from camera and smartphone memory to your computer. At a glance you are silent, something is missing. All the beauty that you enjoy with the naked eye is not well illustrated by your camera and smartphone.

You realize that you have to show to your friends the attraction of the tourist location you have just visit. You may even want to upload them to the social media. But what can you do, the results of the existing image was not enough to describe the actual condition.

Do not worry, you didn’t have to be a photographer to make some great outdoor photos. Well, if you are ready for the next tour, here are some basic photography tips for you…

  1. Be ready for the golden hour. In the morning, a few minutes before sunrise until 9 am. Furthermore, in the afternoon after 3 pm to a few minutes after sunset. That is the golden time when nature shows its most beautiful face. That’s the best time to take great outdoor photos.
  2. Try taking photos of a particular location from several different angles. Every point of view can give different perceptions.
  3. Wide angle reinforces the impression. Wide-angle lenses can help represent as many landscapes as possible in photos. Recent smartphones usually have panoramic applications.
  4. A longer exposure opens up new possibilities. Especially with moving water such as rivers, waterfalls or sea, long exposure offers to make the water movement look softer.
  5. Record the reflection in your photo. Reflection on a lake, sea or even in a puddle after a rainstorm makes the image look very dynamic. Composition with reflection looks very symmetrical.
  6. Lines, whether real or imaginary, can direct the eyes of the viewer through the image. All forms of the elements of nature provide certain lines and shapes that have been embedded in everyone’s mind. These lines and shapes in the image can help guide the eyes when viewing photos.
  7. People in the picture strengthen the perspective. Placing a person or group into the landscape will help the human eye understand where the image was taken. It also helps your viewer to reckon the real size of natural objects in your photo.

Even with smartphones, this of photography tips is very easy to apply.

Ready for the next tour and everything is packed? Make sure you already charge your camera’s battery and clean up all contents on your memory card. Then do not forget to bring the battery charger, any additional battery and memory card. So it does not matter if the tour lasts 3 days or 3 weeks, the camera is always ready to capture the beautiful landscapes and moments. let’s make some great outdoor photos.

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