Travel Partner – When Do I Need One?

No matter if you are a woman or a man, being alone on your own is not only less safe, but sometimes boring. The crux is that you do not stay alone at the site, even if you travel alone. Usually, you will always find travel partner on the way, with whom you travel together for a while.

In some cases, a travel partner is also highly recommended, for example:
a. Travel to the sparsely populated regions
b. Travel hitchhiking
c. Staying with private individuals, for example via hospitality networks like couch surfing
d. Staying overnight in the great outdoors

So as soon as you want to have a little more adventurous trip, we recommend a travel partner. It is because you always take a certain risk and with a travel partner you can minimize it a bit. Last but not least, such adventure trips for couples or in groups are more fun and you can also share the costs.

Solo travel is a great experience that makes you personally unbelievable. That should not miss a woman. Fortunately, most work and travel destinations are extremely safe to travel destinations for women traveling alone. What’s more, the positive thing about the solo trip is that you do not stay alone all the time, and in the meantime, meet up with travel partners again and again. When traveling in remote areas or traveling adventurous, for example hitchhiking or Couchsurfing, you should definitely look for a travel partner. Otherwise, of course, the same precautions apply as at home.

You have to be especially careful in the evenings when celebrating or in situations where you are completely alone with strangers, for example with carpooling. In some regions of the world, as a woman, you have to be a little more careful. Nonetheless, traveling alone as a woman with some awareness is also possible there. In general, you should only travel alone, if you really feel safe with it.

How do you decide?
There are many advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone. Few advantages are the freedom from any second thought like on a group trip. The higher flexibility on travel and movement. And it helps to build and strengthen your character. While there are also disadvantages you should put into your consideration. These disadvantages are the safety factor, the cost that you have to bear alone, and sometimes the loneliness feeling.

By measuring this two factor, one can carefully make a decision. Assess your own capabilities, either it to arrange all the trip alone or to take care of your self in a foreign country. Know your weaknesses, and find out how to overcome it. Make a thorough study on places you want to visit or events you wish to attend. Any report on a solo traveling nightmare should be enough to decide to find a travel partner.

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