Travel Backpack Handling Tips

Do you often travel using a backpack? Using travel backpack constantly in a reckless manner, of course, will shorten its usage period. In addition, improper use will also cause you an additional burden. Furthermore, the travel backpack will feel even heavier than it should be. Then how to treat backpack when traveling? Here we describe some tips on using travel backpack that you should consider.

Packsacks provide a better overview
Where were the blue socks again? Anyone who has ever spent time out of a backpack knows how confusing this can become. At home, we have cupboards and drawers in which we sort everything. Why not just transfer this system to the travel backpack? Packsacks in different sizes and colors ensure easy sorting in the backpack. A little green bag for underwear, a big blue one for t-shirts and so on. So you can quickly find what you are looking for, which is saves time and troublesome searching. If it is a tour with a lot of rain, you can also put on waterproof bags. This equipment can even protect your backpack from moisture.

Do not attach anything to the travel backpack outer side
For optimal comfort, you should store everything inside the travel backpack. So nothing can clatter or get stuck somewhere when walking. The only exception is the mattress. If this is too big for the backpack, you can either tie it in front of the bottom compartment or attach it to the side of the backpack.

Pay attention to weight distribution
The closer the weight is carried to the back, the more comfortable the backpack is to carry. For optimal weight distribution, place the heavy equipment directly on the back and lighter equipment over it. Furthermore, store as light things as possible in the bottom compartment and in the lid compartment. This results in an optimal distribution. The travel backpack does not pull too much back and does not wobble with every step to the left and right

Adjust back length correctly
The most expensive and best backpack will not hurt you if it is set up correctly. An individual adjustment on the back length of the wearer is always possible for the larger trekking backpacks. A proper set up on the back length will make your travel backpack feels lighter. Doing this will helps you a lot, especially during a trekking trip.

Flight cover protects against damage
There is always a significant risk for your travel backpack when you’re taking a flight. Airline limits the size of travel backpack allowance to bring into the passenger’s cabin. Some flight operator may limit their passenger luggage to an under 40 liters backpack. So, it will go to the aircraft trunk, and here comes the risk. Buckles can get stuck in conveyor belts. The careless worker may cause a damage to the belts when loading luggage. If you want to be on the safe side, pack your travel backpack in a flight envelope. Some airport provides the plastic wrap for luggage. This protects the travel backpack from damage and dirt. The plastic wrap does not cost the world and it sure saves a lot of trouble!


Ok, guys, let’s pack up and go. Your next adventure trip with your lovely travel backpack is awaiting.
Have a wonderful journey…..

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