Solo Traveling Advantages – What Are They?

Solo traveling is wonderful for some while terrifying for others. Some may say that you’ll lose the fun of traveling in groups. Furthermore, you’ll lose the opportunities of a romantic journey with your couple. There are pros and cons about deciding to travel alone, in a group or with your couple. As you are on the trip alone, you’ll have nobody to talk to. So, what individual advantages can a single traveler now expect?

Solo traveling gives more intensive perception and high experience feeling.

Certainly, a solo traveler will perceive the environment differently than the group traveler or couple traveler. Another value is experiencing a different ambiance as he/she will be able to give more focus. While traveling alone, the distraction effect by the traveler mates will not take place.

Some group trips might leave only the group highlights experienced remains in the memory. When you forget to record any moment in your camera, it may never come up from your memory. This is certainly related to the fact that in a group everyone has a different sense of experience. One prefers cultural highlights, the other focusing on the adventurous events. Some may absorb the complete travel feeling, without paying attention to where they are at the moment.

A solo traveling gives chance to perceive the seemingly superficial intensively. On the other side, he/she can also discover beauties and peculiarities where the group does not see. These experiences bring us to the next advantage.


Solo traveling gives the freedom of choice ensures high flexibility of travel and movement.

Traveler, especially backpacker travel require a high degree of flexibility in travel planning and organization. Logically, this complicates when several opinions are thrown into the decision making in the balance. It can sometimes cause serious problems for couples or in a group of travelers, especially on deciding the next destination. Conflicts with the partner will never happen when traveling alone.

A solo traveler does not have to bother with such problems. He moves on if he likes it. And that’s also the only kind of travel organization that makes sense for backpacking. Group stress in assessing other travel destinations may make the backpacker adventure a horror trip.


Solo traveling strengthens the personality.

The first step is usually the hardest. When a man or woman decides to go on a solo journey, that is the first step in self-realization. It is now important to keep a clear line in organizing the trip. All the steps and experiences, are part of self-discovery and contribute to the strengthening of one’s own personality. From planning the trip to the discovery of foreign continents, all by himself, possibly even without mastering the local language.

No single traveler can let the organization get away from the partner or the group. Everything, from a possible visa application and the booking of flights and accommodations, etc. must take the single traveler in the hand. You’ll never have this experience by traveling in a group, except you are a trip coordinator.

Any difficulties you meet on the first day will become a daily routine later. Shopping, buying tickets, foods, and fruits, will be as in your hometown. Gradually, initial fears are overcome. You’ll even learn how to avoid any harmful possibilities on the site. Some new ideas may come to mind when traveling alone. Over time, he knows how to gauge his strengths and weaknesses.


Fellow travelers, that may be just a piece of the advantages you may have by doing solo traveling. If you ever reckon any advantages unwritten here, please do not hesitate to share in the comment box. Have a wonderful solo traveling.


#Photo by Slava Bowman on Unsplash

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