Solo Backpacker Woman – Preliminary Tips

Many travel destinations around the globe are calling every woman to make a solo trip. Countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are getting familiar with solo backpacker woman. You may find no problem in these countries. Nonetheless, there still a few things to look out for as a solo traveler. What are they?

In some travel destinations, there are people trying to exploit the situation of solo backpacker woman. Some with silly mind may see any young women who are traveling alone as an easy prey. Therefore, a solo backpacker woman should double her awareness in certain situations. This is especially true when going out in the evening or even if you are offered rides. Anywhere, anytime, you also have to be careful about dubious job offers.

These precautions should be taken when you’re on a solo journey.

Beware of every free ride offer. If you plan to use free hospitality networks as a solo backpacker woman, it’s a good choice. But remember, you should always double check the profile of your potential host. Does he already have references? What do other female guests write about him? If there is any doubt, you should better do without the free accommodation option. In principle, prefer female hosts or couples.

Choose a safe seat in the means of transport. In public means of transport such as buses, you should always take a seat as close as possible to the driver. Beware of carpooling. Especially in countries like Australia and Canada, the distances are sometimes very long. If you want to travel with someone, you should take a close look at the potential driver and only get in if you feel really safe. After all, a solo backpacker woman will spend a lot of time alone in her car. She’ll even sometimes passing through remote and lonely areas.

In the evening, do not go to a disco or a bar alone. Mingle with another guest on the hostel you stay. Even when you are traveling alone, you may meet like-minded people there who enjoy going out with you. These kinds of people can keep an eye on you. At least, if something bad happens, you can acquire their ID with the help of hostel receptionist. When a solo backpacker woman entering the bar alone, some people may see her as an easy prey. Let’s be honest, bar and disco never shut their door for this kind of people. So, you better watch yourself for any harmful intentions from others surround you. It might reduce your fun but still worthy. Do not let anything goes beyond your control.

Limit your alcohol consumption when you go out celebrating. You should keep an eye on your alcohol level and not overdo it. Otherwise, you’re more likely to do things that you regret afterward. Do not accept drinks directly from strangers. In bars and discos, men often offer you drinks. As tempting as it is, do not take it. After all, you don’t really have any idea of what’s in the drink. Receiving the drinks straight from the bartender is quite safer. For the same reason, a solo backpacker woman should never leave your drinks out of sight.

Take a deep listen to your feeling. With new acquaintances, you should always listen to your inner voice. If you have a bad feeling or you find something weird, look for space. False care, patience, and courtesy are not appropriate in potentially dangerous situations. Better be a little more suspicious than too careless. As a precaution, pretend that you’re in the city with friends. White lies are absolutely allowed for solo backpackers, especially, woman. If someone becomes intrusive, just pretend that your friend or fiancé is currently in the hotel room or somewhere nearby. Make a clear sign that he or they may show up at any time.

Please note the dress code. While there is no specific dress code for women in most destination countries. Any solo backpacker woman should not dress too attractively. This keeps you from annoying comments and bad attitude from anybody you meet on the road. In certain places, it may look like you are preserving your body. In another place, you may look like harassing locals culture.



#Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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