Solo Traveling Reasons – Find Out Yours

There are many good reasons for solo traveling. I myself find that a longer solo journey is always worthwhile. Above all, traveling alone is a real adventure that requires courage and lures you out of your comfort zone. Spending holidays alone still causes uncomfortable feelings for many? Let’s talk about it, you might find some of these solo traveling reasons to wipe those feelings off.

My solo traveling reasons.
Basically, travel solo means a great freedom to me. Freedom to decide where to go, what to do, where to sleep. Freedom to decide when to walk and when to take a break. When I am traveling alone, I do not need to coordinate with anyone and can arrange the day of my own accord to my whim. For me, those are the ultimate solo traveling reasons.

What about you?
Traveling alone is a real adventure that requires courage and lures you out of your comfort zone. That is why you will grow enormously in this experience and return as a completely changed person. If you travel in pairs or in a group, you tend to isolate yourself and come out less, simply because you do not have to. After all, you have the other one to do so.

As a solo traveler, you are flexible and independent. You do not have to compromise with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can stay where you like and for as long as you want. If it no longer fits, you move on, without having to take into account the sensitivities of another. On the other side, you will be more open to other travelers and locals. You will shed your timidity sooner or later simply because you have to.

You will learn the language of the country. If you are traveling alone, you can concentrate much more on networking with locals or with other-language travel guides. Then you communicate mainly in the local language and learn the most. Of course, you may need longer time to do so.

Need more solo traveling reasons?
If you stay longer, at least for a few weeks or months, you can surround yourself with locals. By this way, you can experience the locals’ culture intensively. You can sometimes and somehow completely immerse yourself in the world of the locals. Traveling alone makes you a more self-confident person because you can only manage with self-confidence to build a new life in a foreign country without any help.

You will also learn how to be alone. Being alone is a great skill that you can acquire on a solo journey. Having to be with other people is compulsive and makes you dependent. If you can be alone with yourself, you will get to know and understand yourself better, and maybe you can make wiser decisions for your future

Traveling alone can sound so frightening for many travelers, especially woman. But initially, the overcoming costs will enrich your life later with the best experiences you’ll never forget. No one should hang his travel dreams on the hook just because he finds no travel partner. Not even because none of your ‘wish to be’ travel mate has a different desire.

Guys, what I wrote above is just some of many solo traveling reasons. Find your own reason. Go out into the world and fill your travel dreams alone, it will be the experience of your life.


#Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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