Fishing Philosophy – It Is A Way Of Life

Some may say that fishing is just a way of killing time. Instead of got nothing to do, fishing is an easy alternative, an easy way out. The other would say that fishing is just one kind of water sport, as it has a connection to water. But, is that all the true meaning of fishing that lies in the heart of the anglers? Anglers claim that fishing is their way of life. If that so, what is the fishing philosophy?

Almost everybody is familiar with the image of anglers who stands still staring at the pose. Staying there motionless and waiting for something. He seems bored, sometimes meaningless, but he is indeed in a full concentration. He waits for every moment for that the pose get taps underwater with a strong pull. There is also a picture of angler standing in the water up to his stomach. He performs strange movements with his fishing rod and binds to his fishing line. A fly imitation or small silvery sheet metal parts juggling through the water. He, too, is in his highest state of concentration. He’s ready to anticipate an incomparable feeling when the fish bites the prey. It is the fishing philosophy.

Sailing and swimming are also water sports. There comes a relation between these types of watersport by a generic term, the connection to water. But are these sports really comparable? The anglers give a clear NO, answering this question. For them, fishing is more than a sport. Fishing is a way of life, a philosophy. It involves the urge of man, the prowl for prey, which is not extinguished in our genes. It is lived out fishing and leads us back to the roots of our development. Catching a fish for food to survive is no longer essential in our civilization. We got a lot of choices for that. Fishing gives an indescribable experience and a unique feeling. Once you have caught a fish with a fishing rod, you will understand that. It is the fishing philosophy.

Fishing is pleasure and experience, a melting with nature. It is success and failure, life and death, responsibility and dedication. Fishing is the source of strength for the soul, community, and loneliness at the same time. It is the fishing philosophy.

Nowadays, fishing is about the fair dealing with the living creature, which must be treated with respect. Long before animal protection was laid down in laws, an unwritten rule for hunting and fishing became known, the so-called “justice of the fair”. The basis for this is respect for the creature one’s catch. A rule of fishing goes far beyond what now adopted in fishing rights, animal and nature conservation rules. Because fishing is not about the mere prey. A fish, fortunately, should have a fair chance of escaping the catch. Even after the catch, there are clear rules to avoid unnecessary suffering of the fish. It is the fishing philosophy.

Therefore, fishing is a philosophy and a way of life.


#Photo by Tyson Dudley on Unsplash

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