Hiking – The Traditional Sport That Lasts

Hiking is a recreational sport in which a certain way is a walking movement. It is one of the most natural types of movement of the human. Happens mostly in nature, hiking is more than just a popular pastime. It can be an unforgettable experience. It has a long tradition, dates back to times when you had to walk to your destination. Hmmmm… Is it that simple? Just a walking movement?

In general, there are many motivations to do hiking. For example, to experience natural beauties or to improve one’s health. To pursue the bird or plant science is also a reason behind the hikes. There are no age boundaries, whether you’re an old man, it can still be done.

Hiking can be distinguished by a few terms. The motivation, the location, the distance, and the duration is the factors that distinguish. Consequently, the equipment you bring also differs. Each type has their own name. When you doing it on the mountain, it is a mountain hiking. Religious and spiritual reasons are behind a motivation to do pilgrimage. When you use two ski poles, it is Nordic walking. There is also some route that opens yearly to the public for a hike. Trekking is when you are taking an overnight hike and off the marked routes. Walking for days through untouched nature, meeting no human soul while carrying everything you need on your back: that’s trekking. Seclusion and tranquility attract more and more travelers to remote locations and what sounds so idyllic is it too. Trekking has rightly become a travel trend.

Hiking triggers as an active movement in the wild. It has extremely positive effects on the physical, mental and emotional well-being. The moderate, long-lasting endurance performance in a green environment counteracts the lack of exercise. It helps eliminate some risk factor for many of our civilization decease. It is the risks of such as back and joint problems, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Hiking keeps the circulation going, trains endurance and the heart-lung system. While by doing so, you can enjoy the nature. Hiking also affects the cognitive performance of dementia sufferers and can also positively affect the psyche. This has been adequately researched in many scientific studies and also shows the self-assessment of active hikers.

Ultimately, it does not matter if you go hiking, mountain climbing, Nordic walking or pilgrimage. With all subtle nuances and differences in the design, one’s own motivation and reaching the result are the focus. For this, it is important that the requirements for physical and mental performance of hikers fit and that you are not under- or over-challenged. Then it’s easy to enjoy hiking and maybe even the flow experience.

So, it is a big NO, hiking is more than just a walk.

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