First Time Hiking – Be Well-Prepared

Do you want to hike for the first time? Do not delay anymore, let’s do it.  Hiking is an outdoor activity where almost all healthy people can find joy. For this first time hiking trip, there are a few things to note in order to be successful. I will discuss what is important to you before making your first journey.

Before hiking for the first time, you need to know what equipment to prepare. Then how to prepare well and prevent the possibility of injury.

Start by studying your hiking route. Find out what awaits you on the road. Ask the local people to recommend a good track and appropriate for a beginner tour. Ideally, you should not go too far and take a path that is not much of obstacles. If the first time hiking is not too far away, you can handle it more easily. As a result, you will not feel too tired and have enough time to rest. Do not be too pushy, on the next trip you can extend the distance. Enjoy the natural beauty of your journey, do not worry too much about the elapsed time. Absorbs the peace of nature without time pressures.

Plan your first time hiking route well. The appropriate maps help you learn about the geographical conditions of the selected route. We recommend using the three-dimensional map app if it’s on your phone. Select possible routes for shorter or easier alternative paths. Also if it is necessary to cancel the trip.

Bring appropriate clothes for recent weather conditions. In mountainous areas, weather changes can happen very quickly. At higher altitudes, sometimes much colder than in the valley. Before continuing on the first trip, you should get used to your hiking boots. Therefore, wear for a few days while doing everyday tasks. Also, make sure to wear special hiking socks. Shoes that do not fit the size will quickly cause painful blisters.

Take your backpack, make sure there are additional protective clothing including a jacket, rain jacket or wind stopper. Do not forget the sunscreen, especially for the head.

Make sure you bring enough drinking water for the trip. Do not expect that you will find food and drink sources along the way. Instead, grab a water bottle with you. Drink before you thirst. In order for the body to remain efficient, it is important to adequately hydrate. As well as food, bring enough supplies with you so you do not have to starve along your hiking trip. And do not forget to bring your phone with full battery.


Hiking nourishes the heart, circulation, and muscles. It will support the immune system and provide a sense of comfort and balance in the middle of nature. But you should always be vigilant, the possibility of suffering minor injuries or sprains is always there.

Minimize the possibility of injury and immediately recover if it occurs. For that, take also a small first aid kit, so that the resulting wound can be handled directly. Your journey should be well prepared to avoid stress, haste, and unnecessary injury. Make sure the clothes you carry can protect themselves from the wind and weather, the shoes must be tight and high enough to support the ankle.


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