Bicycle Type That Fits Your Need

Why on the earth do we have to know the differences between each bicycle type? Well, a look at the different types of bicycles is worthwhile. In some cases, new bicycle type offer can spark users passion. In another case, users just realize that the bike does not fit his needs after few months of usage. It may happen because of its functionality doesn’t fit the desired terrain. The choice of bicycle types is often so different that one can hardly overlook them. What are they?
There are city bikes, cross bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, racing bikes and many more. There are also special constructions such as the unicycle or the ergometer. Basically, you can classify largely all types of bicycles in two main categories. That is bicycles for everyday use and bicycles for sports use.

Here we give you a review of 4 bicycle types that might fulfill your need for biking.

The city bike
You live in the city and are looking for a suitable means of transport? Luckily, traffic jam makes biking not only a faster vehicle but also much cheaper. No fuel costs, no expensive repair costs, no traffic jams and no eternal parking search. And you do something for your health. That is absolutely the advantages of city bikes. They have all the components to make a bike operational. The lighting system, bell, reflectors, and accessories as well as a luggage carrier, side stand and even bicycle basket. A city bike is geared for comfort for daily life.

The racing bike
Do you want a new sports equipment? Here, too, bicycles offer a wealth of possibilities: Do you prefer it quick and clean? Then racing bikes are just right for you! The road bike was developed for fast driving on slippery roads. Its lightweight results from the lightness of the frame, which consists of aluminum, carbon or titanium. In addition, the extremely narrow wheels ensure little friction on the road surface. Accessories are omitted because they would burden the road bike unnecessarily. Attachable lights also allow driving in the dark.

The Mountainbike
However, if you would rather be one with nature and are looking for challenges in the outdoors, then the mountain bike or even downhill bike is exactly up to the demands of this tough terrain. The cross bike is an excellent combination of the benefits of racing and mountain biking. Unlike racing bikes, mountain bikes are ideal for off-road driving. Thick tires with strong profiles give them the necessary grip even on slippery surfaces. Shocks are dumped thanks to the good suspension, prevents slipping due to strong brakes. The frame is particularly stable and also has a most interesting look that makes it look sporty.

So, when you need a bike for mountain biking or mud jumping, this type is the fittest. Go training off the beaten track or tours off sealed traffic routes, nothing better than a mountain bike. Finally, if you’re looking for a city bike, make up your mind, a mountain bike it is.

The trekking bike
Trekking bike is the best type to be an all-around talent. In construction, they resemble mountain bikes. Slimmer frames and thinner tires, however, make them more fit for the city. The cruiser or vintage bike offers visual appeal. Unusual, curved frame shapes embody the retro style that stands for casualness and comfort. The trekking bike gives the driver an upright sitting position and equipt with a luggage rack. This bicycle type was designed for a long distances trip and with the ability to move on different terrain.


So before buying a bike, you should think twice about which and in what terrain you want a bike. Even if all bicycles have two tires, (at least) a saddle and a handlebar, so the shape of the frame, the type of tires and the technical equipment depends heavily on the application area.

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