Bicycle Helmet, How to Choose One

The helmet is one of the crucial equipment when you drive. Either when you are riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, you should always use a helmet. Even in a sports car race, helmet becomes a compulsory equipment. The question that then arises is, how to choose the right bicycle helmet and fit our needs? Here’s a review of how to choose a bicycle helmet.


When an accident occurs, a bicycle helmet must be able to save the life of the wearer. If you fall backward, the helmet serves as a soft headrest. If you fall forward and the helmet does not tend to forward slightly forward, it will harm your nose. In addition, most cases are falling forward. To fulfill this task, however, we must use helmets that meet the safety requirements. The most important criteria are that the helmet can actually absorb all the impact energy. The bicycle helmet should, therefore, be tested and conform to safety standards. Only then can they put on the seal of approval. This is the most important criteria.


Careful selection of helmets will greatly determine your safety in the future. Everyone has a different head shape. There are round, some are more oval. For this reason, not every bicycle helmet is equally suitable for all users. My bicycle helmet is not necessarily suitable for you, and vice versa. Therefore, one should try different models to ensure you reach for the helmet that suits you. Especially when you’re on a bike rent station. If not, you will feel very uncomfortable or even painful when wearing them. If the size has not really fit in your head, look for another model until you really feel fit.


Do check the ventilation system. The better the vents on the helmet, the head will feel cooler. On a road-type helmet, the vent is designed to allow air to flow past the helmet and out through the rear vent. While on a mountain bike helmet, the vent is designed to work like a chimney, allowing hot air to flow vertically.

Make sure you have tied the bicycle helmet strap while trying. The installation of the chin straps should fit, but still, allow you to open your mouth to eat or drink from the bottle. The ideal bicycle helmet strap is when it forms like a V-letter just below the earlobe. Foam pads make the bicycle helmet feel comfortable when worn, also help absorb sweat. Thorough foam pads helmet, because the more frequent use will make the foam become flat. A deflated foam pad will make the bicycle helmet lose. Many bicycle helmets have removable pads that make it easier to wash and clean it to keep it hygienic.


So, you can now make your own judgment on selecting a bicycle helmet.

Have a fun and safe riding.

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