Snorkeling Tips For Beginner

Snorkeling is a water sport that is very easy to learn, especially when you know how to swim. Furthermore, it is almost suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, there are also some things to do while snorkeling that you should definitely keep in mind. So, are you ready to learn snorkeling? Here are some snorkeling tips just for you.First of all, get into the water and check the conditions. For your first snorkel attempts, optimal snorkeling conditions should prevail. Watch out for swell, good visibility and shallow waters and low currents to make getting into the world of snorkeling as easy as possible. If water condition does not support, however, it does not matter. You can just practice your first snorkeling in the pool.

Here 10 steps to help you learn how to snorkel:

  1. Take a diving mask and snorkel.
  2. Stand in the water up to your hips. Let your body absorbs water temperature.
  3. Put on the diving mask, take the snorkel in your mouth and hold it lightly with your teeth. First, familiarize yourself with the changed feeling of breathing while standing. Please do not bite into the mouthpiece, otherwise, it will break.
  4. Immerse your head into the water. Familiarize yourself with changing on breathing sensation while using the diving mask. Stay there for a moment and breathe in and out.
  5. Breathe calmly and relax a few minutes through the snorkel. Do not worry, you’ll get sufficient air supply.
  6. Take few steps forward and backward in a submerged state to get used to the feeling.
  7. Check the mask tightness underwater surface. If it is leaking, pull it a little firmer.
  8. Put your fins on. It’s easier if you do it in the water than on land. You have to step backward into the deeper water, otherwise, you will easily stumble.
  9. Lift up your lower body, turn into lying position. Keep your head in the water. Push your body lightly with your legs and let yourself drift.
  10. Start snorkel slowly and lightly by using the boosts from your fins.

Do not move too far from the shore and always try to get the possibility to get into a standing position. This gives you a good feeling and makes snorkeling easier.

ok, guys, you have your snorkeling tips already, let’s have some fun.

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