Snorkeling – the adventurous water sports

Snorkeling is an unforgettable water sport suitable for the adventurous of all ages. You can explore the underwater world everywhere, at the local lake or on vacation at Indonesia and other Asian countries. All you need is the best diving mask, a snorkel valve, and the best flippers. You may ask yourself “I can’t swim at all, can I do snorkeling?”

Snorkeling requires swimming ability, YES, that is true. In fact, all watersports do. Can you do it even though you can not swim? The answer is also a YES, only the tension while doing so is higher. Theoretically, as long as you keep breathing while snorkeling, you won’t get drawn. Remember, that is the main rule. In addition, you can use life jacket to keep you floating on the surface of the water.

Snorkeling takes place mainly on the water surface, be it at the sea or in fresh water. It is possible wherever clear visibility prevails – in the lake or the sea. The best flat clear waters or reefs lies between 1-6m deep. At that depth, the coral reefs flourish and the light levels support a clear visibility.  It is most beautiful in warm shallow waters, which are full of life due to the high oxygen content. In the open sea, you may not meet the living underwater creature. It is because they are living far below the surface, hiding in the dark. By snorkeling directly over the reef,  you can see many coral creatures such as clownfish at his home, up close and personal.

Snorkeling is easy to learn and requires little training. Should you have any difficulty or fear, do not give up. Beginner snorkelers usually get panic or anxiety breathing through the snorkel, as it is an unfamiliar feeling. It is important to inhale and exhale calmly.

Once you enjoy it, you’ll be asking “holiday comes, where else to go snorkeling?”. There are well-known areas such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or the Raja Ampat Island in Indonesia. These areas are geared towards snorkeling and also offer trips or multi-day trips to exclusive areas. If you have your own a set of snorkels, you can snorkel wherever you like.

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