viruses and germs versus natural ingredients

Traveling to a new and distant area will open the possibility to meet uncertain weather conditions. This way, our bodies are open to viruses and germs attack. These viruses and germs that cause flu and fever can be a major threat that hit our body health.
When the flu attacks, our immune system becomes weak and germs spread freely. There are several ways to make them harmless and remove it from the body through mucus, urine, and stool.
for the initial action, immediately after the flu, we must make efforts to restore body heat. Here are some brief explanations on how to reheat our bodies, boost our immune system and block germ invasion:

1. Soak your feet in warm water
pour warm water into a container (bucket, tub) and soak your feet until your feet are covered with water. Wait until the water does not feel hot again and refill with hot water. Repeat the process until you feel warm throughout the body and may even sweat. dry your feet and rest. you may add salt to hot water to reduce the effects of fatigue.

2. Drink a lot
Drinking a lot can help you clean all the viruses and germs in the body, therefore, apply this to almost any disease. But do not forget, just use water that has been boiled and filtered. some types of tea dish also are the cool choice. Ginger warms the body from within and has an analgesic effect. Lemon provides vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.

Simply peel a piece of ginger, sliced and squeezed lemon. Add both to the glass and pour up with hot water. Depending on the symptoms, infuse sage, thyme, and ribwort with hot water and left for 10 minutes. Sage has a healing effect for a sore throat, thyme, and ribwort for a cough, willow bark for fever and pain. Since tea has a disinfectant, expectorant and excretory effect, use it.

3. Inhale the infusion of herbs
Inhaling with a herbal infusion (eg, thyme, aniseed, fennel, sage, chamomile) to thin the mucus in your nose and throat. In addition, oil derived from plant extracts has a disinfectant effect and can kill viruses and germs.

4. Apply coconut oil
Apply coconut oil into the nostrils to protect the skin of the nose from redness during cold, but the most important is moisturizing nasal mucosa, has antibacterial and antiviral effects.

5. Rub bronchial balm
Make balms from herbal ingredients and rub your chest with it. Since balm of herbal ingredients containing essential oils bound in them. By continuing to inhale this oil you get disinfectant and you can cough more easily (due to the expectorant effect).

There are many more natural treatment methods for dealing with viruses and germs that you can do at home. If you have information about alternative methods, please disclose them in the comment field. If it possible, I will add your comment to this article. let’s share.

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