Clothing and equipment for cycling trip

Wears the right clothes, arm yourself with proper equipment, that’s what it takes to make an enjoyable cycling trip. only those who think about the right clothing and equipment experience the full driving pleasure.

Of course, it is not a problem, only with helmet, daily clothes such as T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to go on a two-bike tour. Especially for shorter trips in the city or for shopping, this type of clothing is perfectly adequate. But those who plan longer bike rides or training tours should attach importance to adequate clothing and equipment, so that cycling becomes a pleasure and not frustration.

Never without a helmet because safety is a very important aspect.  The helmets of the new generation are lightweight, offer a very high level of comfort and protection against dangerous head injuries when falling. The helmet should sit optimally and not wobble on the head back and forth – it helps a variety of settings. When buying a helmet, you should pay attention to any test mark published.

Jeans and shirt do it naturally, but on longer trips or in summer, when one or two drops of sweat are flowing, it is much better to work with functional clothing that carries moisture away from the body. There are special cycling jerseys that fit snugly against the body to give sweat the best outward. The jersey should be so long that it covers the back even in flexed sports posture. Most jerseys have pockets on the back, where small things can be stowed well.

If you use cycling shorts, they should have a comfortable seat pad with as few seams as possible. The seat pad protects against seat discomfort and chafing during long journeys. Those who prefer more cycling shorts can achieve a similar effect with specially padded underwear.

After all, the shoes should be lightweight and have a solid sole. A pair of solid all-around shoes is actually enough though. For longer journeys, clipless pedals and shoes with suitable binding have proven their worth. There are different systems for the different uses, to which the bicycle dealer can say more precisely.
Equipment and accessories

If the weather does not shine with summer temperatures, breathable jackets to protect against wind are indispensable. These have, as well as rain jackets – which you should have in case of several hour drives in uncertain weather – an extended back, which protects the kidneys from chilling. High-quality jackets are not cheap.

Gloves and glasses complete the equipment. Cyclist gloves have the advantage that the pads of foam or gel, which are mounted on the inside of the hand, intercept the vibrations of the handlebars and the pressure during support. How to prevent numb hands. Sporty goggles help against insects and watery eyes caused by the wind. These are available with interchangeable lenses in different tints.

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