Inflatable mattress for a comfort sleep

The mattress is now the standard equipment when someone travels. As in Football game, the mat has become the starting eleven list. The outdoor equipment industry reacts by producing inflatable tourist mattresses. Big question is, “do the mat really gives a comfortable feeling when we sleep in a tent”?

At first, mats are made of leaves are quite feasible. Along with the development of technology, a variety of mats are found. Ranging from plastic materials, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, microfiber, to ethylene vinyl acetate.

No matter how modern your tent was, it is unable to provide a high level of insomnia on the floor. An additional equipment such as mattress would make you sleep better. An inflatable mat inside your tent would easily solve the inconvenience problem. This inflatable mat from polyurethane is very light and compact. These two points are important for tourism. The product can fold slightly when you release all the air. The best part is, it takes up very little space in the backpack. Its main function is to provide a comfortable sleep. And with it, the mat easily manage a protection from the cold wet soil. In addition, it protects you from various irregularities like stones, sticks, pits.

In the market, it is possible to meet a self-inflating mat. This is the name for a hermetic shell containing polyurethane foam. It has airtight pores, known as an excellent thermal insulator.

Of course, there are disadvantages. An inflatable mat is less in strength and durability. If you pierce its surface, you have to let it go. The product becomes useless. Therefore, think about what to choose – an inflatable mat or foam. Decide what is more important to you – comfort or quality. In addition, you can easily use such an inflatable mat on the beach, replacing it with an ordinary blanket. This is especially true for pebble beaches.

How do I choose an inflatable tourist carpet? There are several recommendations on buying an inflatable tourist carpet. The first is the size. For a tall person, you have to take the product longer. True, this increases the weight of the accessories. Thickness is another indicator of comfort. The thicker the model, the greater its weight.

It is worth pointing out the fact in which natural conditions you intend to use the mat. Today, they produce inflatable mats for winter, low season and summer walks with different temperature ranges. Design of the colors and shape of inflatable mats are based on the preferences of tourists. The rolls on one end of the mat that serves as a pillow will significantly improve the quality of sleep.

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