used bicycle – be selective on buying one

If you buy a used bike, you can save money. However, anyone who buys a second-hand bicycle should take a close look. Take your time! Carefully watch the offers and check the bikes during the tour. So you save yourself from annoying complications and can even make a real bargain. Under certain circumstances, buyers make themselves punishable. To avoid such cases, cyclists should pay attention to these points:

  1. Buy a used bike from the dealer: Experts recommend that you also buy used wheels from dealers. They do not sell the goods unchecked so that there is a wheel that can ride. Private individuals who offer a bicycle via classified ads or at the flea market, however, have no guarantee. In addition, you take a risk when you buy the bike on the Internet without driving it to the test. Ask the seller in advance for defects. Any shortcomings he does not call, you can use as arguments to lower the price.
  2. Check bicycle parts and ask for storage: Are the bent rims, porous tire or broken spokes? Are all cables stuck? we should check all these points on every used bike. Ask them where and how the bike was stored. A bike used for sale may be better off than one that rusted for years in a damp cellar. Find the bike for dents, scratches, and abrasions. This is an indication of how the previous owner handled it. Carefully check the wheel, especially the handlebar and frame for rusty spots. This shows, among other things, whether the bike was also outside in rain and wet. Important: the tires! Are these porous? Are they turning unevenly? What do the rims look like?
  3. Test drive and test brakes: The driving experience should be good, the prescribed equipment work. This applies to the lighting system as well as the brakes. Pay close attention to whether the bike pulls to one side. That can indicate a damage. Check the brakes and light for functionality.
  4. Ask for the previous purchase contract: As a rule of thumb, the price of a used bike after two years should be only about half of the original price. If necessary, show the original invoice from the seller. Even those who unknowingly and in good faith buy a stolen bicycle can make themselves punishable. If individuals sell a bike, they should be able to present the purchase contract with the frame number and model description. A bicycle may be provided with a special code, for example from the police or a bicycle association, with which we can recognize the owner identity. The purchase itself should also be documented with a contract.
  5. Adjust the saddle and handlebars after purchase: Even if the used wheel is almost as new, many parts are adapted to the body of the previous owner. Buyers should readjust saddle, pedals, and handlebars or invest in new, more fitting parts.
  6. Never buy used e-bikes: In principle, do not buy a second-hand bicycle with electric motors. You buy the cat in a sack. Even experts have difficulty assessing how well a used battery is still in good shape. And retrofitting will be expensive.

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