Skimboarding – Good News From Watersport

A few years ago, skateboards began their triumphal procession. Today they are almost indispensable as sports equipment and partly as means of transport. In most larger towns, there are ramps and surfaces where you can skate and train new jumps and tricks. However, if you are looking for an alternative or a little variety, you can combine skating with water sports. If you do not want to miss skating on holiday, skimboarding possibly an interesting solution.

Skimboard is basically a skateboard without wheels and is driven on the water. Skimboarding is a relatively new trend sport in which skimboards cover short distances over the water. Dangers are in shallow waters, lakes, on the beach or in not too deep pools.

The skater starts throws his board in front of him on the water and jumps on it with both feet. To find the balance and focus on the center of the board, he knees slightly and stabilizes with the help of his outstretched arms. The combination of speed and water displacement creates the dynamic buoyancy that ensures that the skater does not go down with his board and can glide across the water like a wakeboard or water skis.

Who masters the basic technique will safely ascend to his board and furthermore can just slide over the water. The next step is to curves or to practice tricks and jumps. Skater shifts his weight to the edges of the board and so curves are driven.

In addition, there are several different variants of skimboarding:

1. Waveskimboarding: This is the variant to drive by the sea using the waves as obstacles for the tricks and jumps.

2. Jumpboardboarding: Here the waves serve as jumps. Jump off at the highest point of the wave and practice skillful styles such as twists or a somersault.

3. Flatland skimboarding: Skimboarding without waves, for example at lakes or in swimming pools, therefore, it uses artificial obstacles.


#Photo by Shane Becker on Unsplash

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