Bike Types – By The Right Purpose

Before you make your way to the bike shop, the first consideration is the purpose of the new two-wheeler. The drive to work or uphill and downhill through the grounds – the selection of suitable wheels is great.

Before buying a new or used bike, it is important to consider carefully what purpose the bicycle is used for. Do I want to go to work or go shopping with my bicycle? Am I making a long trip by bicycle? Do I use my bicycle as a sports equipment or am I a lot off-road? Each purpose places different demands on the wheel because not all wheels are equally well suited for the different uses.

Below are few types of Bicycles:

1. City

The rugged wheels are easy to ride thanks to an upright seating position and thick tires. Those two are good for shorter trips and shopping trips. Due to its low price, the city bike is an optimal everyday bike.

2. touring

The trekking bike looks very similar to a mountain one but is not suitable for off-road use. Trekking bikes are ideal for more sporty riders looking for a more moderate alternative to mountain biking. Whether you need longer trips to work, more demanding tours or a bike holiday – trekking bikes are a bicycle for almost any occasion, as long as you ride with them on solid ground.

3. mountain

Whether city or terrain – mountain bikes are at home almost everywhere. The wide and coarse-grained tires provide a good grip in the field even on the difficult ground. The circuit with up to 27 gears allows taking almost any slope. Even in the city, they use the mountain as a means of transport: cobblestones or potholes make the tire nothing and the suspension dampens many a bumpy road surface.

4. Racer

To drive on the paved road, you can use a lightweight sports equipment with the narrow tires. Thanks to the aerodynamic posture, you can reach high speeds even on long journeys. However, one must make compromises on ride comfort – as an everyday vehicle, the road bike is limited and not recommended.

After the decision on the type of bicycle, which you want to buy, has fallen, should next go the way to the retailer. Even if many hardware stores or discounters lure buyers with cheap bargains, nothing beats the detailed advice of a two-wheeler.
You can get all answer about the new bike in the shop. The best part is, a test drive is possible. And in addition to the quality of the bike itself, the specialist shop offers extensive high-quality accessories. Beware: In spring and autumn, at the beginning and end of the cycling season, there are also in the specialty store one or the other low-priced offer.


#Photo by Hector Martinez on Unsplash

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