Roach Fishing – Different Season Different Bait

Roach is the most abundant fish in our waters. They have numerous bones and is one of the main fishing target, which feels good in the herbaceous and plant-rich riparian regions. Fishing roach is a bit unique. Their feeding habits differ by time, season and also location. Anglers should be ready to respond any tiny move and make an instant hit.

When the night gets longer than the day, anglers can target the big roach heights up to 300 g. For the fall and winter, large roach looks for deeper water areas. In rivers, canals, the harbors, and in dams, you will find the large roach at about 10 meters depth.

When going fishing in the cold water you’ll need to explore water depths, as the roach used to stay at the bottom. Place your bait just a few inches above the ground. The uses of the fishing hook between 16 and 20 on the 12-line leader would be better.

In the river, roaches will react to slow-moving baits with the deceleration tactic. Use the stop-and-go method brings a lot of fish to the hook. The biting moment comes when the pose is stopping moving, the bait rises slightly from the ground and then sank back to the ground.
Maggots and pinkies are standard baits for roach, which bite well in winter. One maggot or two pinkies on the hook, the size 16 to 20 will attract some big red roaches to bite.

A bread dough is always good winter bait to attract the red-eye fish. The inner life of a gray or mixed breed is more catchy than white bread or bread rolls because the bread is saltier. Put the bait in as small as possible hook size between 16 and 18.

another bait for fishing roach is the classic hemp. This bait is the best to use in when you’re fishing in the canal and harbors. Many thick roaches have been caught on a small, swollen hemp grain. For fishing with hemp, you need finely stranded hooks in sizes 16 – 22. Some specialist retailers usually provide hemp.

Wheat is a good old bait for some roach. You can make your own wheat-bait by filling a thermos with one-third of wheat and add another third of boiling water. Let one-night stand and your bait will be ready by next morning. roaches bite much timider in winter than in summer, that so, you may use the hook size between 16 to 20. The leader strengths should be selected per hook size for all lures between 0.12 and 0.08 mm.


#Photo by Igor Yemelianov on Unsplash

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