Biking Tips For Your Spring Trip

With the beginning of spring also the desire for biking in the fresh air comes again. Here are tips for a more relaxed biking trip.

Tip 1: Have your bike adjusted
Adapt your bike to your own wishes and needs. Especially saddle and handlebars should be specially set up for you. The distance between the saddle and the handlebars is optimal when the sitting position corresponds to the natural S-shape of the back. With this individual attitude, back pain can be avoided.

Tip 2: Invest in the bike accessories
The bike alone is often not enough to make a safe and comfortable bike ride. Accessories include glasses, cycling shorts, gloves and a helmet. But even cool new gadgets are often very helpful in cycling.
• glasses: protects the eyes from drafts, insects, and UV radiation,
• padded cycling shorts: increases comfort, especially on longer biking distances
• Gloves: avoid blisters on the hands
• Helmet: provides life-saving services and is, therefore, more than recommended
• Bicycle Repair Kit: the emergency kit includes a repair kit and air pump
• Smartphone holder: to keep your cell phone handy at all times
• Bike bag Sixpack: to carry several drinks

Tip 3: Theft protection and special accessories
To keep your new bike longer a good bike lock is indispensable. Partial theft can be avoided by suitable precautions, such as Allen screws or special adapters instead of quick releases for wheel and saddle attachment.

Tip 4: the right cycling technique
In order to have fun while cycling especially the driving technique should be right. A classic mistake in cycling is that the pedals are kicked with the metatarsus instead of the ball of the foot. When cycling, choose the so-called “spinning style”, around, even kicking. This means a regular exercise of the ankle. This movement saves strength, promotes blood circulation and prevents knee pain. Incidentally, you should pay attention to the correct cadence. It is recommended between 60-90 revolutions per minute.

Tip 5: Put yourself realistic goals
If you are a beginner, you should start slowly. Increase from tour to tour. Choose a more strenuous round each time you cycle, improving your stamina. Not only the distance covered is decisive, the journey is the goal!

Tip 6: Choose the right pace while cycling
Do not overwork when biking. You’d better turn back a gear than to torture yourself unnecessarily. Take breaks and push the bike sometimes, when the road becomes too strenuous. Nevertheless, during or after a bicycle tour, joint, muscle or back pain may occur. In such a case, anti-inflammatory drugs from the pharmacy can help. As a beginner, you should, therefore, wear a heart rate monitor while cycling to be able to adjust the pace to your heart rate. The heart rate should be 140 or even lower for beginners.

Tip 7: Drink enough
Drinking is especially important when cycling. You lose about one to two liters of water by sweating in one hour of cycling. Even a fluid loss of two percent of body weight through sweating reduces your performance. That’s why you should take about 150-200 milliliters every 15-30 minutes. Recommended drinks are water, slightly sparkling mineral water, sports drinks such as electrolyte drinks and home-prepared, diluted fruit juices. Where normal ambitious cyclists with water and mineral water in principle get along well. To drink at any time, buy and attach a drink holder to your bike.


#Photo by Rikki Chan on Unsplash

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