Canoeing – A sport With Many Faces

The beauty of canoeing is its versatility. Each of the disciplines presented here has its own challenges, charms and usually also specialized boat shapes. Canoe lover often started with an easy-to-handle touring boat. When the viruses spread, one will sooner or later buy a second or third boat. The only question is whether you prefer to sit or kneel. In canadians (Indian boat) you have to kneel and paddling with a piercing paddle. This is the main part that distinguishes the old and the latest technology. While using the modern technology, you just have to sit in the kayak. It also has a double paddle to provide on both sides for propulsion.

Rough waters
Going back to the origins of canoeing, to the Eskimos and Indians, it is clear that the whitewater descent has remained one of the most natural sports. The aim of an athlete is to seek the ideal line over a distance of between three and seven kilometers, between rocks and natural buttocks in the stream, rolling and waves. For some years there are also sprint races. These races have distances of 600m to 1000m in two runs.

canoe slalom
Canoe slalom is a competition in which a route prescribed by gates on moving, fast flowing water in the shortest possible time is possible to drive error-free. From the start to the finish line the course may be up to 600 m long. The track is posted with at least 20, the highest 25 gates, with at least 6 must be up gates. There is punishment for every goal touch or another goal mistake in the form of penalty points. This penalty will cause an added to the driving time. Canoe slalom is an Olympic discipline. The organizer provides a special channel for this canoeing purpose.

Freestyle or canoe rodeo is the youngest, but also the wildest child among the canoe siblings. Created from the gameplay of individual whitewater enthusiasts, a new competition and new boat shapes emerged. Rodeo riders are the freestylers among the canoeists. The competition is about showing in the roller (breaking wave) within a half or full minute as many, varied and difficult figures as possible. Candles, spins, bike shots and many other figures are in demand. The more vertical, that is, the more an end of the boat comes out of the water, the higher the score. Ideally, you stay in the role of all characters, so that you can start with the next. The mood is always very relaxed. Good sound brings party mood.

Touring canoe
canoeing along the lonely rivers using a canadian, with grandiose landscapes all around, and choose the most beautiful places to stay for the night. And those who fall down the steepest gullies, get glittering eyes at the sight of huge waves and know nothing better than to fly down an 8-meter-high waterfall.
The slogan which used to be “The harder the better“, now turns into “the more fun the better”. Easier streams are selected, played in each corner. The new rodeo boat shapes make candles, pirouettes, flying over the stones, surfing in waves, waterfalls forward, backward, with rotation, and another style are possible to do.


#Photo by Daniel Hansen on Unsplash

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