Cycling In Winter – Some Tips

Many people enjoy cycling all year round – even in winter. Here are tips for safe cycling in the snow and slippery path.

  1. Drain air
    With smoothness, less air pressure in the tire provides more adhesion. The footprint increases and the bike are easier to control.
  2. Spikes tires
    Maximum control of ice and snow is achieved by tires with spikes. The metal pins are located on the side of the jacket and only reach when the corresponding air pressure is produced. For cycling, there is no winter tire requirement. Unlike motorists, cyclists have permission to use studded tires because they do not damage the road.
  3. Drive slowly
    All road users should reduce speed in snowy and slippery conditions. Think carefully about how much you accelerate – smoothness or chunks of ice can come as a surprise. Rather start earlier and arrive relaxed.
  4. Avoid braking in the curve
    In iced turns, if possible, neither slowed down nor accelerated strongly. Instead, you should reduce the speed beforehand and pedal, if at all.
  5. Lower the saddle
    If you feel very insecure and shaky, you can set the saddle a bit lower. So the feet have faster contact with the ground
  6. Good lighting without dazzling
    Front and rear lights are a must. Do not save on the wrong end – a good headlight costs at least 20 euros cost. The light cone belongs to the ground a few meters in front of the bike. A higher setting of the headlamp, it blinds others! In this way, he also ensures that unevenness and ice chunks in time to recognize.
  7. Use both brakes
    Two independent brakes are mandatory. The simultaneous careful braking on both wheels is the fastest and safest way to stop. If braking is no longer possible in case of surprising black ice: keep calm and let it roll out.

Drive ahead and considerate
Do you have any understanding that other road users may also be limited and unsafe? Expect longer braking distances of other road users. Above all, if you dodge the road between vehicles, it is, therefore, necessary to keep your distance. Pay more attention to pedestrians, especially children and the elderly. Reflective clothing enhances visibility, especially when it’s snowing.


#Photo by Nikita Ignatev on Unsplash

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