Stand Up Paddling – Watersport Evolves

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is quite similar to surfing. Standing like when surfing on the surfboard, but we do not paddle with hands while lying down. In SUP, one do paddling, but by standing up with a piercing paddle.

This sport is different from the surf even though both use the board as the main equipment. Surfing relies on strong winds and big waves, while the SUP is just the opposite. We can do SUP by the sea, river, and lake. SUP is fun and not boring. Standing on the board to glide over the water is just a great feeling.

It has a great view and it is much more exciting than with a pedalo or dinghy ride. It’s not as boring as paddling on a surfboard. By constantly balancing the board you are always in action and every single muscle of your body is challenged. So it does not get boring are small mini-waves or light sweeping or whitewater on the SUP already a huge challenge.

Stand Up Paddling is also a good sport for connoisseurs. You can explore lonely landscapes with the SUP board without disturbing the nature. You can reach spots that are not accessible to bikers and walkers.

The upright position gives you a particularly good view. Due to the large volume of most SUP boards, you can also store good equipment and provisions for longer trips on the board.

Stand Up Paddling is probably going to be quite a long run. In particular, bamboo rafts are still in use in Asia. They use paddles in addition to rods. The surfers were initially only photographers and surf instructors in Hawaii on the board to see better. A little later, they add a use of piercing paddle into it. This will allow you to get faster from the shore to the wave-breaking reefs and back.

Over time, it has become an alternative for wave-poor days by the sea. One can do SUP on inland waters such as rivers and lakes. There it is an excellent workout for the whole body. In addition, a stand-up paddleboard also offers the opportunity to explore beautiful, secluded landscapes. If you prefer action, you can also race against other stand-up paddlers or paddle upright in whitewater.

This trend sport is also easy to learn by inexperienced water sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The word “trend sport” – is a little tired now, but in fact, SUP is the fastest growing water sport since the windsurf boom in the 80s.


#Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

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