Backpack For Hiking – How To Choose

The backpack is an indispensable attribute of hikers. The backpack is hopefully last longer, at least for few years use. Therefore we should be very careful in choosing which one to buy. When you have to choose a hiking backpack, consider some primary points as described below:

  1. The volume: It should not be too large to cause any inconvenience in carrying. On the contrary, not too small also to take into account the necessary things. A light backpack can absorb more things as they don’t have any fixed frame;
  2. The Weight: Some experts on hiking say that it is better to bring along as light as possible;
  3. The Construction: anatomical backpacks with an inner frame made from removable elements is a fine choice for a long walks carrying significant weight. Another option would be a backpack with a net. It is suitable for a lightweight and offers added comfort when traveling in hot weather. This ensures good ventilation of the back and makes it particularly pleasant to use the backpack in hot weather. The disadvantages of this type include its heavy weight, its inability to lay and the fact that the load on the back increases.
  4. Easy to access. Consider the ease in accessing things from the bottom and the middle of your backpack. For many, when you use one, it is difficult to get to the things that are in the middle or at the bottom of it. To make things easier, there are backpacks with many removable bags;
  5. The number of external and internal pockets. This will be an added benefit because they can comfortably hold various small items.
  6. Availability of a removable top valve. It is a small additional bag, which is made in the form of a large outer pocket. It can be unlocked and used separately;
  7. Comfortable chassis and good ventilation in the back and shoulders;
  8. The presence of a protective cover that, if necessary, prevents rain, dirt, and dust from getting into it.

Hikers, that’s the basic points you should consider when buying or choosing a backpack. Those points may not all but enough for a buying guide. should you have any consideration unwritten, please do not hesitate to share us.

Have a wonderful hiking.


#Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

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