Skiing for the sake of your body and mind

Skiing not only exercises your muscles and increases endurance, but also good for the health of the mind. It starts with the excitement felt by the skiers as they find the first peak in the distance. In addition, higher activity acts as a healing of the freshness of body cells. This healing process takes effect as the body there increases blood formation. Likewise, we need the cardiovascular system to work positively well against high blood pressure. Skiing is a comprehensive health program for the whole body and mind. It also gives a pure freedom for the majority of skiers.

Various studies show that during the decline, the heart rate of a skier increase. This is within the World Health Organization (WHO) positive range for fitness and health. Even during the lifted trip, the heartbeat does not leave this healthy area. This form of endurance sport also helps overcome problems with high blood pressure. Therefore, a clear sign of how healthy skiing is. Results from studies say that staying in higher places has a good effect on organisms. Other studies result shows that staying in short-term oxygen shortages are associated with a positive effect on organisms. Blood formation is stimulated, which improves blood quality and oxygen supply to tissues and cells.

At normal altitudes, the body regains its function back to normal levels, but the refreshing effect lasts longer. We do not even notice how many healthy vitamins we get while skiing. Our bodies use every opportunity of sunlight to produce vitamin D in winter. We all know that vitamin D is good for bone formation and the immune system. It stimulates the formation white blood cells that are responsible for defense against pathogens and foreign bodies.

Most skiers state that they are in a very positive mood while skiing. The cheerfulness, confidence, activity, and attention as well as the willingness to contact increase during the ski day. The negative state of mind is virtually absent in the scoring scale. This is possible as the releasing of the happiness hormone during the exercise. Skiing makes you happy – we always know!

To keep your ski posture and take turns, you need all your muscles, not just the lower body part. We use many body parts especially the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and back in squatting position. By the way, that’s why skiers have the heaviest ass. Cross-country skiing also requires arm muscle, which is much needed when climbing a mountain. Shifting weight, maintaining balance, and continuously adjusting posture requires multiple activities at the same time. The coordination between the brain and other body parts has to do well. This also improves your reflex ability. The best part is, this effect will continue even you’re back in everyday life.

Skiing is not just as part of the sport but also a recreation pleasure. The trip to the mountain also has a very healthy effect here. Movement in the fresh air with mountain scenery gives you a positive impact. To increase the effect, one can move forward by setting the speed and time off. Of course, it is important that the person voluntarily descends the slope. If not, the fun factor will not work.

Facing new challenges and difficult slopes will increase trust. It can also help in everyday life and at work. What’s more, the relaxed atmosphere at the location makes it easy to connect with others. If you have a shortage of relationships with others, you can practice here.

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