Adventurer – Industry’s Best Ambassadors

If professional adventurer were once unapproachable daredevils, they will become more and more accessible in the digital age. In social media channels, they present their real life, and professional outdoor films show the human side of the adventure. This inspires customers and helps the industry. Not everyone is looking for the extreme action. With the outdoor people can be laughed and amazed, sweated and suffered. Stories are not scripted. There are no actors. Even the failure of plans is an unexpected asset to the short stories and the audience. The camera treats them like a friend, are informal, appear professional, but not overproduced like some outdoor advertising production. And that’s exactly what gives the viewer the feeling of experiencing the activities themselves. Whether on the smartphone, on the couch at the Smart TV or during lunch on the computer – the adventurer on the net convey a feeling of freedom, give authentic access to outdoor sports and inspire everyone to seek their own adventures in great outdoor.

For manufacturers and retailers, these windows are a valuable gift in a wide variety of outdoor living designs. The individual types are actually normal people – no models or stars. And it’s not about her as a person. They stand for something, a vision, an attitude and embody it – without selling it. That’s exactly how they poke the viewer. Do not inspire anyone to climb a rock face unsecured. But to go out – in nature for hiking or else. They operate successful generic communication. At a time when television ratings are declining and advertising budgets are being limited, the outdoor industry is looking for new channels and access to potential consumers. But you do not win these through competitive product communication. Brand experiences inspire people to outdoor sports and authentic ambassadors carry them into the consciousness of the consumers.

Authentic adventurers do the outdoor industry well. They make outdoor experiences approachable and contagious. They exemplify the human side of the industry and show how brands and retailers should communicate in the future. It is time for them to take on this great task. It’s up to the industry to stretch that feeling over the entire outdoor term. The goal must be to work together to create an intense social touch point for the outdoor lifestyle that inspires. Not by the communicative competition for product innovations, but by past emotional messages. This is the only way to create the relevance it needs today to play a role in the leisure market. So they shape an awareness of what it means to be outside.

Who best give you advice about gear more than the expert himself?

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