Camping Trip – What To Take With?

Go camping in a sunny tropical area would be a great activity for your weekend getaway. But sometimes camping can change from fun activities to chaos just because you forget to bring adequate supplies, tools, and equipment. So, be well prepared before stepping out your door. Make sure you have all necessities along. Camping basic equipment will be the backpack, tent, sleeping bag, mattress, clothes, medicine, hygiene tools, cookware and food materials. For additional, take some tools you might need to use depends on location and purposes of your camping trip. Books, a camera with proper lenses, fishing gear, notes, and pens, can be essential.

Let’s talk about the backpack, which one would you choose? Is it the lightest or the biggest? A light one would be enough but it might not fulfill your needs. There’s a lot of type and size of the backpack, for women it is 60-90 liters, for men it is up to 100 liters. So, choose one which has sufficient volume as you can put your things in it. Most of all, it is better to take a 100 liters volume backpack than two 50 liters one. It would make your hands free to do any other tasks.

Choose your sleeping bag according to the season. A thin one is enough on summer, the thick one is only for winter. A trekking pole would greatly relieve the strain on the knees when walking. In addition, bring also the flashlight, headlamp, and batteries.

How many men in your group? This will be the basic consideration on choosing which tent to bring. There are dome tents that vary in capacities, single, double or even bigger. Tent with an outer layer of rain cover and the lightest frame is better.

Thoroughly think about the items of the wardrobe in the way. Don’t bring too much. Three or four linen changes (T-shirts, socks, panties), warm clothing (waterproof pants, fleece sweaters, jackets or windbreaker, better with a membrane layer), raincoat and waterproof cape on the backpack, headgear (cap and woolen cap) and gloves, pair of shoe/sneaker and sandal are the minimum but sufficient enough. Any adjustment would be likely according to how many days you’ll be out there.

If we talk about hygiene, then the list should be toothpaste and brush, disposable soap and shampoo, towel (better made of microfibre, it is lighter and dries quickly), toilet paper, elastic hairbrush, moisturizing cream, antibacterial gel, and insect repellent. Individual drugs and first aid kit are limited to basic medical only. Cotton wool, bandage, elastic bandage, plaster, a remedy for a headache, painkiller, antibiotic, and a cream of bruises and wounds. Do not forget to attach instructions to some drugs to properly calculate the dosage. Finally, don’t forget to bring your money, a mobile phone with a fully charged battery and another backup battery, foldable utensils like knife, mug, spoon, and bowl.

Let’s pack and go, buddies, have a wonderful camping trip.


#Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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