Fishing As A Modern Recreational Sport

Fishing activities have grown from what used to be a traditional collecting food effort, turns into a commercial activity for profit, has now become part of a recreational activity known as sportfishing. This enhancement gave a great impact on world economy. Being considered as an opportunity comes from a relatively high demand for tools, types of equipment, apparels, and tour services bringing also a huge enhancement in fisheries technology.

Fishing as a recreational sport was getting popular since the 16th century. There are few characters that specifically distinguishes these activities between traditional, commercial food industry and recreational.

The most common characteristic is the use of manufacturing rods and other modern equipment such as braided strings, reels, and artificial baits. A man who took fishing as a recreational sport is used to being called as an angler, rather than a fisherman. Angler sometimes does not bring all of their catches home. Catches are brought to land only for the sake of weight measurement and documentation. Target fish species are usually big fish such as swordfish, tunas, shark, mackerel, giant trevally, and threadfin but there are also small and rare fishes taken as target fish.

As the recording technology being developed and a rapid decline of target fish populations happens, anglers start to concern about fish preservation. This population decline triggering catch and release methods by releasing their catches after documented. Catches weight measurement only being held for competition purpose. In order to assist research fisheries scientists, there is also a method of tagging and release, where the fish is only tagged and then immediately released. This tagging is perfect for population recording, migration pattern recording, and feeding ground mapping.

The height of sportfishing enthusiasts has given a great impact on tools and equipment manufacturer. Traditional tools such as man-made rods which are made of natural material, rigid in character and single segmented, has now grown toward involving manufacturing process. Nowadays, rods are made from chemical materials, available in various characters both rigid and flexible, and may be a combination of more than one segment. Monofilament strings currently have developed into multifilament (braided). From the traditional bait using sliced fish, live fish, shrimp, worms, and shellfish, have now switched to the use of artificial bait.

The traditional vessel which is not comforting enough for anglers has now being modified into fishing boats with cabins consists of bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen. Some rich fishers even spent lots of money to have their own designed boats to meet their needs.

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