Backpacking Overseas – A New Trend In Tourism

Backpacking can be interpreted as a way to travel with less spending. This can be done by staying in cheaper places, sometimes even in the wild, choosing cheaper food but staying healthy and filling, being more selective in spending at tourist destinations, and also using less expensive modes of transportation. In the last few decades, the cost of transports and accommodation has become more affordable. Some country even gives free visas cost to attract tourist to visit.

Backpacking reduce your accommodation costs. Staying at a cheaper place is possible nowadays. The generally safer state of the world, the level of awareness and willingness of local communities to accept immigrants, as well as the increasing number of entrepreneurs engaged in the provision of lodging places become a decisive factor. In some of the world’s tourist destinations, it is easy for backpackers to find cheap accommodations. Call it a very famous Poppies alley area on the island of Bali, District 1 Ho Chi city in Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur central and Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur, and much more scattered in each destination country. Guidance to find cheap dormitory and hostel-class accommodation is also widely available. For backpackers who love to enjoy the outdoors, some tourist destinations also provide a dome tent for rent.

Want to eat full, healthy with low price? Look for stalls that provide local food menu. One way to recognize a stall at a low price is to ask the middle-class workers. Believe me, this trick works enough.

Backpacking reduce your transport costs. Inexpensive transportation mode has also been widely available. Start by renting a motorbike, using a local public transport, to buy a package of transport for a few days. Renting a motorbike is actually the best option for backpackers if you have a license to drive. In addition to low fuel consumption, you can freely stop by at some places along the way you pass. This will be hard to do if you buy a package of local transportation costs or use public transport.

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