Take Nothing But The Picture

Take nothing but the picture, leave nothing but the footprint, kill nothing but the time. The series of sentences is already a generally accepted nature tourism rules. A rule that every nature lover has to obey. Do you really love your mother nature? Here we discuss what are they really mean to her.

Take nothing but the picture.

YES, we should not take anything from it where we are on a jaunt. This provision only applies to the nature lovers. It is surely a different case when we do support ourselves with its product. Nowadays, where nature tourism is very popular, even part of the lifestyle of certain groups, we still found some tourism actors who ignore this general guideline. Call it edelweiss flowers, for some beginner climber, is still like a victory trophy. Not much, we only take one, so their reasons when asked. Of course one is not significant in number compared to hundreds of edelweiss trees. Yes, only one. But when we let this one go, it will be the trigger for another on to come, then will come another repeatedly and it might unexpectedly reach hundreds.

One small reason, it is a great threat if left alone. There must be an appropriate sanction for one who picks the Edelweiss flowers. Take nothing but the picture, as the photos alone should be enough to represent your message buddy. If you feel that it is hard enough to make a good outdoor photo, read our brief review here

Leave nothing but the footprint.

The next threat could come from a lack of understanding or even the level of concern of the actors of tourism on the ability of nature to break down the stains attached to him. Plastic waste is now a major threat. The natural ability to decompose this type of waste is very low. When we leave the plastic waste in the middle of the forest, it requires a decades-long process to eliminate the waste. For that, our best action is to take the garbage home or to the nearest garbage dump. That’s it, and our forest will convey his gratitude through the beautiful scenery.

The next threat comes from acts of vandalism carried out through streaks of stone, carvings on tree trunks, and sometimes even the presence of a certain group or individual plates nailed to tree trunks. What’s in it? should we do it to mark the territory of powers as did by some forest dwellers? Or just to send a message to the world that we’ve been in that area? Please, it’s not cool. Just leave your footprints, let the rain erase them, then come back again someday. Nature will welcome you kindly.

Kill nothing but the time.

This is one of the habits that are not good but still found until now. Going into the forest carrying rifles to hunt, shooting squirrels and civets in his yard, even small birds that actually do not make us full, also break the branches are still green to make a stick. No need to put our ego when we still need this nature. The only thing to kill when we are in the warm embrace of it is the time.

Let’s go, nature awaits


#Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

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